Initial Consultation

We charge $100 for an initial one-hour consultation.


If you choose to retain us, we require a $3000 deposit in trust from which our payment will be transferred with an invoice on a monthly basis. When empty, the trust must be replenished.

Unless a fixed fee is specified, we bill $200 per hour.

We may accept some cases on a contingency basis for a third of the award.

We may accept pro bono cases or Legal Aid certificates.


Disbursements include:

    • overhead costs
    • courier costs
    • bank fees
    • postage costs
    • photocopy costs
    • third-party conveyancer’s title
    • other search or closing fees
    • land transfer tax
    • government document registration fees
    • fees charged by the government including municipalities or other similar authorities (e.g., for due diligence investigations)
    • Teranet fees
    • condominium status certificate costs
    • payment for letters from creditors’ lawyers regarding similar name executions
    • title insurance premiums
    • all other costs and disbursements