GOVERNMENTS INTRINSICALLY NEED OR DESIRE two things: more power and to stay in power. Government policies reflect this will to power, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing if it serves the public good. If left unchecked, however, governments always morph into tyrannies. That is why democracy and the rule of law exist to keep them in check. The rule of law makes sure laws are followed and democracy makes sure they benefit the public.

We see participating in public dialog as part of our civic duty and professional obligation as a lawyer. We particularly tend to be interested in the role of reason in this dialog. Our political cartoons, which represent our small contribution, reflect this interest, as they tend to poke fun at inconsistencies and falsehoods.

Readers are advised to read our philosophy of political cartoons to interpret or critique our cartoons, which follow a methodology. The meaning is not up to the reader and we are not responsible for meanings readers may falsely ascribe to our works.