Wizard of Laws® is a team of human and computer ‘wizards’ working together as one Wizard to answer and solve clients’ legal questions and problems.

‘The Wizard’ refers to the corporation as a whole (which is a legal person) or any wizard(s) who comprise it. Wizard of Laws®, the Wizard, ‘we’ or any ‘wizard’ or ‘wizards’ will therefore be used interchangeably.


The Wizard represents universal values. These are empirical values for which there is an overlapping consensus in the histories and laws of peoples.

The Wizard particularly embodies seven such values:

  1. Independence
  2. Strength
  3. Intelligence
  4. Benevolence
  5. Nobility
  6. Honor
  7. Prudence

There are some things the Wizard doesn’t do, namely what:

  • doesn’t benefit a living thing
  • causes unnecessary harm to a living thing, directly or indirectly
  • is wasteful
  • is against its values or principles

If a client asks the Wizard to do any of these things, the Wizard will:

  • propose an alternative
  • if the client is intransigent, decline to act
  • if legally required, refer the client to another legal service provider


The purpose of the Wizard is to:

  1. cultivate scientific, technological and legal knowledge and skills
  2. use its knowledge and skills to
    1. profit clients,
    2. profit from clients’ profits and
    3. contribute to legal, scientific and technological research and development

The Wizard makes life easier. Just Ask the Wizard!


1. Professional Responsibility

Wizards shall represent the Wizard in their personal and professional lives.

Misrepresentation of the Wizard will result in disciplinary action such as:

  • suspension of the ‘wizard’ title for minor offences that do not damage the reputation of the Wizard
  • divestment of the ‘wizard’ title, termination of employment, a civil claim or criminal prosecution for major offences that damage the reputation of the Wizard

2. Social Responsibility

The Wizard is non-partisan and doesn’t promote an agenda. We provide sound legal counsel to anyone who asks with an aim to benefit our clients. Our only interest is to promote a reputation for ourselves of scientific and moral supremacy. A universal go-to for truth and justice.