We are seeking volunteers to help us with our LexCaliber™ project! The linked memo provides details of the project.

The good news is the Ottawa chapter of Pro Bono Students Canada is willing to participate (way to go alma mater!). The bad news is they can’t start until September, since they’re hiring a new coordinator.

In the meantime we’re still looking for students and lawyers who are interested to take part in this project.

This is a phenomenal opportunity for lawyers and students to gain wizard-like knowledge of torts law and, for students especially, an excellent recommendation, as well as other benefits that are noted in the memo.

If you’re interested in taking part in this project, send us an email at ask dot the at wizardoflaws dot ca with the subject: “LexCaliber Volunteer (or Pro Bono Lawyer or Law Student).” We’ll get back to you with cases to analyze!


We work in collaboration with Pro Bono Students Canada, so pro bono lawyers and law students are always welcome to help!


We accept all kinds of volunteers, so feel free to help us if you want to learn about the law or contribute to our projects! The experience we offer is meaningful and enriching to anyone who is interested in law.


Volunteering with us carries the benefits of:

  1. looking fantastic on your CV, especially if you’re an aspiring law student!
  2. receiving an acknowledgment in the list of contributors to our projects, so you can be proud to have contributed to legal and scientific progress!
  3. receiving a recommendation, which can be invaluable to aspiring law students or people seeking work in the legal industry
  4. improving your legal knowledge, reading and thinking skills whether you’re a lawyer, a law student, an aspiring law student or a layperson who’s just interested in law (even some of the ‘boring’ stuff we do–like read through hundreds of cases–will make you a wizard of laws!)