The Wizard is a corporation comprised of wizards (experts), which come in three categories:

    • Wizards of law (legal experts)
    • Wizards of tech (science and technology experts)
    • Wizards of industry (industry experts)

You can join us as a tenured wizard. We believe tenure enables wizards to achieve the top level of expertise. Plus you worked hard for your expertise and deserve no less, nor do our clients.

Such positions are only available on offer. We’ll offer such positions based on

    • seniority and contribution and
    • expertise, having regard to the candidate’s potential to develop the required expertise if it is lacking.

Seniority is achieved by contributing to the corporation for an extended period. Contributions consist of full-time, part-time, freelance, contract or volunteer work.


You can join us on a part-time, freelance, contract or volunteer basis. Such work is available from time to time, which we’re happy to delegate based on

    • seniority and contribution and
    • expertise, whichever outweighs the other.

You can also use the Wizard of Laws® website as a platform to publish your research or advertise yourself.


If you’d like to join us as a wizard, you may correspond with us via LinkedIn or email at ask dot the at wizardoflaws dot ca expressing your interest. 

Please include in your correspondence:

  • the category of wizard to which you belong
  • a copy of valid government-issued photo ID (passport, birth certificate or driver’s licence)
  • your resume
  • your purpose for joining us
  • your LSO or professional number in signature
  • whether you wish to join us as
    • a solo practitioner,
    • a partner or
    • a shareholder

The table below provides more details regarding how you can join us,  what you can do with us and requirements.

Table 1. Who can join, how and what they can do.

Join as Type Requires Can
Solo practitioner Joint venture or advertising Written consent of both parties, subject to written withdrawal of consent by any party at any time Use the website as an advertising  or publishing platform, give impactful feedback, make recognized contributions to projects
Partner We only accept limited partners Partnership agreement, subject to the terms of the agreement Limited partners are (1) not liable for the independent acts of other partners and (2) are only liable up to the value of their investment
Shareholder Federal or provincial corporation shares Purchase of shares, subject to rights attached to the shares Only lawyers can hold shares in the provincial/professional corporation pursuant to subpar. 61.0.1(4) of the Law Society Act 

Dear Wizard of Laws

I would like to join you as a solo practitioner wizard of law for the purpose of advertising on your website. Please find attached my

    • resume
    • a copy of my passport
    • profile information, including a photo, you can post on your website

Thank you for your consideration,

Constance P. J. Barratry Jr. XIII, esq.

LSO no.: 666666