Wizard of Referrals

What It Does

RefLex™ lets a lawyer build a list of referrals and refer a lawyer based on a quantitative assessment of its quality.

How It Works

For each referral, RefLex™ collects information concerning:

    • specialties
    • location
    • method of payment
    • experience (cases)
    • cost and awards

RefLex™ uses this information to calculate a lawyer’s success rate and dollarback* and recommend the lawyer who scores the highest for expertise, proximity, success, experience and dollarback while accepting an appropriate method of payment. 

*Dollarback is an innovative concept that refers to the dollar-for-dollar value of a lawyer. For instance, a lawyer with $1,000 dollarback brings its client back, on average, $1,000 for every dollar spent.


For Clients

Clients who use RefLex™ benefit from a rigorous referral method that will save time and money, reduce uncertainty and pay for itself and more. Muhammad Ali said he lost the ‘Fight of the Century’ with Joe Frazier before the fight. The same principle holds in law. You win or lose your case before the trial or settlement, when you choose your lawyer.

Muhammad Ali saying he lost the fight before the fight

For Participating Lawyers

Lawyers who submit their information to the RefLex™ database gain the advantage of being able to attract the richest clients if they have a successful track record. It’s basically the best and free advertising.

For Users

Benefits of RefLex™ include:

    • it’s an objective method of referral, which protects from liability
    • dollarback expresses a lawyer’s track record and therefore can’t be said to induce false expectations, which protects from liability
    • it enables collection of a fee from the client or lawyer referred
    • it presents a business and networking opportunity for lawyers
    • the client benefits from a referral to the lawyer that best suits their interests instead of any lawyer they or the referring lawyer found or knows

Because of their subjective nature, traditional referrals come with a risk of liability, especially after the Supreme Court’s recent decision in Salomon v. Matte‑Thompson, 2019 SCC 14 (CanLII) where it concluded that “[A]ny advice lawyers give that exceeds their mandate may, if wrongful, engage their liability.” Justice Côté (the lone dissenter) noted the hazard of this reasoning:

The fact remains that a direct causal link must be broken at some point. Otherwise, any lawyer who makes a wrongful referral would become an insurer of the recommended professional’s services for years to come – with no end in sight.

An objective method of referral, which RefLex™ provides, avoids this risk.